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Homeowners welcome the evidence of nature in the yards outside of their home. Trees can serve as a wonderful addition to those elements of nature. Still, the proximity of man-made objects could endanger any one of the lovely, shade-giving trees.

Consequences of a tree’s close contact with man-made objects:

Younger trees suffer the most severe consequences. Their cambium layer becomes damaged. That damage then interferes with the expected flow of the tree’s sap. In the absence of a suitable sap-flow, the tree gets weaker.

Ways to limit the extent of the damage:

When driving a car down the road, stay clear of the trees that are growing on the sides of that particular roadway. Trim away the grass that is growing at the foot of a tree. That allows someone with a mower to see evidence of the tree’s roots. Having seen that evidence, the same mower should find it easier to avoid creation of damaging contact.

Tree Service in San Jose will put mulch on the ground around one or more trees. That limits the ability of grass to sprout from the mulch-covered soil. Owing to the absence of growing grass, the chances for the associated compaction of soil has decreased.

If there are ongoing construction projects in a spot close to trees, a fence needs to be placed around any nearby trees. That lowers the chances for any construction equipment to inflict damage on the tiny grove of towering plants.

Stay alert to the vulnerabilities associated with each tree in area. Take care of the big branches, and also of the smaller twigs. At the same time, do not overlook the vulnerable nature of each tree’s leaves, trunk and root zone.

How to assess vulnerabilities:

Give thought to what objects exist in proximity to any vulnerable tree. Is there a sports stadium in the area? That can affect chances for contact between the area’s trees and some type of man-made object.

Is there a freeway in the area? Has anyone given thought to how the speeding vehicles might affect any of the planted trees?

Do a tree’s roots penetrate the soil in a region of land that lies under an airline path? If that is the case, tree-lovers need to gain a greater familiarity with the degree to which each plane has become vulnerable to specific objects in the environment. Understand that a man-made object does not have to be a large and highly visible object. It can be a harsh chemical.

Unfortunately, the sort of barriers that protect flora from harsh chemicals differ from the ones used to prevent mechanical damage. In both cases, however, common sense should aid the ultimate selection and eventual completion of each of the attempted corrective action.