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It can easily be said that tree pruning and tree trimming services in Palo Alto are excellent examples of landscaping endeavors. While pruning is designed for shrubs and trees, trimming ensures proper growth. There are other ways in which the two differ as well. For instance, they are usually done at different times of the year. Plus, different types of equipment and tools are used. The following will give you a better idea of how tree pruning differs from tree trimming.

Pruning vs. Trimming

As was mentioned in the prior paragraph pruning serves as a method for protecting trees while trimming ensures proper growth. Tree pruning services in Palo Alto involves the removal of branches that are dead, diseased, or dying. Furthermore, pruning has aesthetic benefits. This helps trees to flourish and survive longer. Conversely, tree trimming services in Palo Alto promotes better growth and health. It’s also done to thin out the canopy thereby letting more light in and promoting better air circulation.

Equipment and Tools

You typically see two types of shears being used in tree pruning services namely hand shears and lopping shears. Hand shears help the person remove buds and leaves while lopping shears have a long (sometimes extension) handle for removing thicker branches higher up off the ground. On thicker branches, they will use saws to prune them off the tree. Interestingly enough, shears can be used as a trimming tool as well as one for pruning.

Frequency and Timing

As was mentioned above, tree pruning and tree trimming services in Palo Alto are normally conducted at different times of the year. Pruning is typically done on an annual basis towards the end of winter. In most normal cases, trimming is performed on a bi-annual (every 6 months) basis. However, the frequency that trimming occurs is based on the species of the tree. If it’s a tree that flowers in summer, it should be done after the bloom cycle is completed.

Tree pruning and tree trimming both require experience, expertise, and a certain skill set that most DIY’ers don not possess. Plus, the average DIY’er doesn’t have the specialized tools required to do the job properly. Whether you only have a few trees on your property or a large stand covering several acres, it’s a good idea to trust tree pruning and tree trimming services in Palo Alto to certified, trained specialists. You can look online or get referrals from friends about a reliable company. Make a quick call to know more about their services and if they are licensed and insured. To get a better idea about their services, you can read online reviews.