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It is probable that you don’t give much thought to the compaction of the soil in your yard or landscaping, but tree removal specialists in San Jose recognize that it is a problem in many landscapes today. Although most of us get satisfaction from watching things grow above the surface, we give little thought to what is happening below.

Soil compaction is one of the most harmful environmental conditions that a tree can experience. Your trees need air and water to grow, but when your soil is compacted, it makes it difficult for the trees to get these needed resources. Compaction around trees occurs with foot traffic or equipment such as lawnmowers. The soil becomes dense and packed together, not allowing for roots to grow as they were meant to grow. When soil around trees become compacted:

● Roots struggles to get enough nutrients
● Water will not flow to the roots and, instead, cause runoff and dehydration
● Airflow and micropores that a tree requires to thrive are inhibited

Your local San Jose tree removal expert knows that soil should consist of equal parts solids and pore space. This pore space is what allows the movement of air and water around your tree’s roots. When your soil becomes compacted, it no longer has this balance. Reduced pore space means limited water and air to the tree roots. This can stress a tree and result in poor growth and can leave it more susceptible to pests and environmental stressors. Because of the inability to absorb adequate water, trees growing in compacted soil are also susceptible to drought.

Vertical mulching is one technique that is used to help alleviate compaction and restore soil to a balance around the critical root zones. Vertical mulching utilizes the drilling of holes around the base of the tree within the root zone that are then filled with a mixture of materials that will add aeration to the soil surrounding the roots. Then, your San Jose tree removal professional will spread a layer of organic mulch around the root zone. This improves texture, fertility, and water retention.

Another way to remedy soil compaction is to introduce earthworms. Earthworms feed on plant debris and then their digestive system concentrates that organic matter. The worms leave their digestive materials in tunnels that further help the aeration of the soil. The channeling and tunneling loosens and aerates the soil and improves drainage. This is one of nature’s greatest mulching systems.

If your trees are showing signs of stress and you suspect that soil compaction may have something to do with it, call the San Jose tree removal specialists and arborists at Bay Area Tree Specialists. We are your local soil compaction specialists and are able to improve the quality of your soil while feeding nutrients directly to the roots of your trees and shrubs. Call us today to see how we can provide balance back to your soil for thriving and healthy trees.