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No homeowner wants a dead tree in the vicinity of the family’s residence. A severe storm might cause it to fall on the home’s roof. Still, there are several risks associated with the presence of a dead tree on any piece of private land.

Trees that have died manage to invite pests

Those pests could be insects, such as bees. Insects with the ability to sting anyone that might be passing by pose a potential threat to all passersby. For that reason, any landowner should take steps to rid the owned land of the non-living threat/tree.

If the pest were a tiny mammal, it could find a mate and have a family. Each of the baby mammals could eventually decide to take-up residence in some other location on the same property. Hence that one piece of land could become home to a large number of small, objectionable mammals.

Older trees are susceptible to diseases

A diseased plant could die. Its death could create an object that was able to support the growth of fungus or mildew. The spores from the fungus and mildew could carry the non-living tree’s disease to the neighboring plants, including the area’s living trees.

Trees that have died could fall on something other than a home.

For example, any one of them might fall on a power line. Then, the owner of the land where a tree’s toppling had cut-off a source of power would hear from the power company. Similarly, a tree close to the road might fall on that roadway. Then the landowner would hear from the governmental body that had been made responsible for the local roadways.

A tree’s presence does not always increase the value of the land where it has taken root.

Dead trees diminish the value of any piece of land, if a potential buyer of that same piece of property has noted the trees’ presence. In that way the trees’ presence becomes a financial threat, as well as a physical one.

How to avoid the dangers that could develop, following a tree’s death?

An awareness of the risks linked to such potential dangers should underline the need for an expert. Only Tree Removal service in San Jose has the ability to deal with such a situation. If a man has engineered it, a tree’s toppling must be done safely. Moreover, it should be carried out completely. If the toppling caused creation of a stump, then a tree care professional needs to be contacted.

Only such a professional knows how to deal with a stump. That professional’s training has provided landowners with access to a service. It is a service that deals with objects like stumps.