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Although some stately trees live for many centuries, any one tree’s integrity could decrease over time. Once that has happened, the same tree’s branches, and sometimes the trunk become a safety hazard.

What are some possible threats to the integrity of any specific tree?

Pests: Insects or small rodents could decide to create a home in the trunk of that same tall plant. Over time, that could cause the trunk to lose some of its natural strength, or to cease carrying out all of its intended functions.

Disease: If a disease were to spread throughout all parts of that tall plant, each part would lose all of its characteristics, and would cease to function properly. Eventually, that impressive gift of nature would die.

Aging: While some trees do live for a long time, each of them continues to demonstrate the effects of aging.

What are some signs that a tree removal has become necessary?

The trunk leans to one side. The sudden appearance of leaning sends an especially strong signal that Emergency Tree Service in Palo Alto is needed.

The roots have been damaged. That removes the natural structural support, and also impedes on the movement of water and nutrients.

Presence of dead branches, especially any at the top: Those are definitely a threat to the safety of any one that might choose to walk in the shade of the branches’ formation.

Sprouts that have appeared on any part of the roots, trunk or branches: Those take in some of the nutrition that could be going to other sections. The sprouts are not essential to the growth and life of any mature tree, but the water and nutrients do allow it to stay alive. In other words, the sprouts steal essential resources.