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A tree could be just a short angle off of the desirable 90 degrees between the trunk and the ground. Alternately, the trunk might be parallel to the ground. Each of those problems requires a different approach.

When to use staking, also known as guying?

That should be the method-of-choice, when dealing with a leaning sapling. The value of staking would increase, if that particular sapling were apt to be exposed to strong winds.

How to do a proper job of guying?

Tree Service in Palo Alto will start by finding a wooden or metal stake, one that is about 5 feet long. Place the stake upwind of the tree. Apply pressure to the trunk by attaching 2 different guy wires to the 2 ends of a piece of cloth or rubber. Then tie the other end of each wire to the stake. Do not keep the staking equipment in place for more than a single growing season.

How to deal with uprooted trees?

Determine how much of the root remains in the ground. If ½ to 1/3 of the root structure remains in the ground, then the uprooted plant can be saved. Remove the soil from the root’s exposed structure. Devise a method for retuning the tree to an upright position. That might require the assistance of a professional arborist.

Pack soil around the roots. Attach 2-3 guy wires to the trunk anchor the same wires at a point that is 12 feet from the trunk. Watch for evidence that the tree’s condition has improved, before removing the guy wires.

What to do when a tree’s uprooting has created a plant that cannot be saved?

If possible, saw it into pieces of firewood. If necessary, hire someone to do the sawing for you. Do not leave a fallen trunk in the yard. Small creatures might decide to make a home in that potential shelter.

Do not let such creatures take up residence on your property. There is no guarantee that one or more of them might find its way into your home. Obviously, you do not want tiny mammals living in your home.

If you are crafty, you might be able to create some plant containers by using some of the trunk’s sections. You would have to decide which kind you would prefer to have. Would you want planters with feet that could go on a porch, or those that could be hooked onto a windowsill?

Depending on the amount of material that fell to the ground, you might be able to create both. Then you can plan to enjoy some flowers, instead of having to stare at what remains of what has been lost—a source of shade.