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The truth is that many professional arborists in Palo Alto get quite a few calls regarding sycamore trees which appear to be dead and have lost their trees. The most common question is whether the tree should be removed. Now, it’s most definitely a logical question as it may seem like the tree has come to the end of its life, but in a lot of situation is would merely be suffering from anthracnose. This is s fungal disease which is rarely going to be fatal and it needs to run its course. There are, however, a few different things that you are going to need to do if your tree suffers from this annoying condition.

Tree care companies lays out the following helpful and easy to follow steps in order to make sure that your tree recovers in full.

1.    You need to show patience. A lot of the trees are going to seem like they are dead. However, you oftentimes it is going to develop and formulate new shoots as well as leaves

2.    Make sure that your garden sanitation is up to the highest standards. You need to dispose and rake the leaves which have fallen.

3.    You need to make sure that you practice proper cultural techniques in order to keep the plants in health condition. Make sure that there is no injury-induced stress as well as no drought and water them at least twice a month.

4.    Whenever it’s possible, you need to prune the dead branches. Furthermore, you need to disinfect the pruning shears in a solution of 10% bleach in order to avoid spreading of the disease.

5.    The pruning is also going to improve the circulation of air which is going to reduce the length of the timeframe during which the leaves are susceptible to the infection.

6.    You need to treat the tree with a preventive systematic fungicide.

7.    You need to spray it like lime-sulfur when the leaves start to emerge from their buds. Make sure to do these two or three times at intervals which are between 7 and 10 days.

8.    Make sure to plant species which are resistant.

In any case, you need to take into account the fact that even though the disease isn’t deadly; it’s most certainly going to cause damage on the way the tree looks. Some of the twigs and branches may go ahead and develop cankers while others might die. However, if everything goes as intended and planned, you are quickly going to see that the tree can actually be restored to health and it’s going to continue on providing you with beauty as well as shade.

That is why it makes sense to call in affordable tree care services or consult an arborist to ensure that all tree son your property are healthy and diseases are nipped in the bud.