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When a property goes up for sale, the presence of trees can increase its curb appeal and its value. So, how should a homeowner select the right tree for the right spot? It is best to talk with an Arborist in San Jose.

Rules that should guide selection of a given species

A smart homeowner looks at a tree’s preference. It always makes sense to go with a native species. If you live in an area that is prone to drought, then buy a drought-resistant plant. If you live in an area that often suffers wildfires, then buy a fire-resistant species.

Homeowners that have lived in a certain region might be able to maintain a tree that is identical to the ones in the homeowner’s native country. For instance, an Iranian-American in Los Angeles could consider buying a walnut or almond tree.

Basic rule on finding a spot for planting a tree

Think ahead to how large the newly planted tree might become in the future. In other words, do not plant too close to a wall, or too close to other pieces of flora. Do not encourage the tree’s roots to grow under the sidewalk.

Do those that live on the property have a request, regarding their preferred trees?

Perhaps they want something that offers plenty of shade.

Perhaps they would prefer the sort of growth that ensures creation of privacy.

Maybe the property owner would like to put up natural barriers, so that the yard could be divided into sections. For instance, there could be a section that contained a number of children’s toys.

Maybe those that walk in the yard would like to have a walkway, with an overhanging vine marking the entrance to a specific section.

Plan for providing the planted trees with long-term care

Be sure that you have a smooth-functioning watering system.

Be sure that you will be able to prune the trees at the proper time.

If rainwater will run downhill and onto any tree, be sure to place mulch on the ground that could become inundated with water. Understand that any melting snow could create a stream that could flow onto the earth surrounding a given tree.

Do not create problems for a future property owner.

Do not plant a flowering tree, one that might litter the driveway with its falling flower buds. That is especially objectionable if the buds are a bold color, such as orange or purple.

Do not plant on the border, so that a future neighbor could build a fence, if he or she wanted to have one between the adjacent properties. Robert Frost is not the only person that views the existence of good fences as a sure means for creation of good neighbors.