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Planning the way your yard is going to look is the first step of the landscaping journey that you’d have to go through if you are to have the perfect garden. However, once you’ve dully conceptualized the way your garden is going to look, it’s high time you bought the plants themselves and start transplanting. Even though the process of transplanting might only take a couple of hours, it’s going to be deciding for the future development of the tree. If you fail to take some serious things into consideration you might be left with a tree which is incapable of growing as it’s supposed to. The B&B trees, or the Balled and Burlapped, as they are also referred to are the most common method of tree transplanting. However, the procedures that are required are complex. Let’s take a look.

Prepare the site

The first thing that you would want to do before you start with the transplanting is to prepare the site. You have to keep the root ball properly watered and keep it under a shade until you plant it. This is especially important as it’s going to prevent the roots from drying out and dying before they’ve been laid into the ground. If you are unable to do it on your, arborist from San Jose can be of assistance. They understand all aspects of the trees and can help with the initial care and later maintenance.

Dig the hole

Remember that the wider the hole is the better for your tree. Of course, you have to take the size of the root ball into consideration. Measure the latter and allow additional space both underneath and on the sides. That’s going to ensure that the roots are going to have enough initial area to grow through without having to force extra resistance. However, the hole should be about 1.5 times the diameter of the plant’s root ball – this is the general rule of thumb. Furthermore, you should make sure that you don’t dig too deep of a whole – that’s also incredibly important and you would want to take it under serious consideration.

Plant the tree

Planting the tree is what you do after you’ve ensured that you’ve dug up the right kind of hole. Make sure that you lift the tree by the root ball and not by the trunk – that’s a common rooky mistake that you might want to avoid. Furthermore, if you are planting a bare-root tree, you must ensure that the hole is a bit wider in order for you to properly spread the roots to the sides before you cover them with the soil. This is also going to ensure the proper development of your tree.

Of course, once you are done with all that you would have to regularly carry out different maintaining procedures with the help of arborist in San Jose, in order to ensure that the tree is getting the right treatment.