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Smart homeowners learn how to fortify their trees before the winter weather has arrived. The following tasks are suggested for any homeowners that are living in California.

In order to fortify a given tree, a homeowner needs to check for any sign of a pest infestation.

Such a check would involve searching for the presence of any abnormal markings or abnormal growth. If a tree’s bark has started to shed early, then that could be a sign of a pest infestation. So would any evidence of unnatural discoloration. By the same token, lifted roots serve as evidence of a pest’s ability to infest one of the studied trees.

Another task that helps to fortify trees requires the pruning of branches.

It makes sense to perform that particular task prior to winter’s arrival. A tree’s demand for energy becomes greater, when pruned branches need to undergo a healing process. During dormancy, a tree’s ability to produce energy increases.

In addition, pruning encourages the formation of new growth. Therefore, when branches get pruned in the fall, the evidence of new growth adds to the number of developing buds in the spring.

Mulching is a third task that serves as a method for fortifying trees.

By placing between 2 and 3 inches of mulch around each tree, a homeowner should succeed in preparing each of those tall plants for rainy weather.

The mulch slows the rate at which the soil absorbs the water that has soaked the ground. Consequently, it keeps the roots from getting drowned. At the same time, the mulch-covered earth provides the roots with an added bit of warmth.

A final fall job for homeowners in California involves the removal of dead or dangerous trees.

A Tree Removal service in San Jose knows that a dead tree could become the source of fuel for a fire. Hence, it does not belong in any space that is close to a family’s residence. Such a tree would be one that appears to be struggling to survive. Its removal would eliminate the chances that it might fall over.

Admittedly, there is no chance for snow or ice in sunny California. Those are the natural dangers that exist in other parts of the United States. Yet Californians do feel the wind gusts that are called Santa Ana winds. Some strong gusts do have the ability to topple a tall plant that has struggled to survive.

Why a tree’s addition to a property might be considered prior to the winter season:

The absence of leaves might make some homeowners yearn for more privacy. Some trees’ branches do not lose their leaves as temperatures fall. For that reason, an exposed homeowner might want to invest in plants such as holly or evergreen trees.