Is there a bug problem that takes place with your trees? Usually the spring is the best season for insects to come out and start infesting your plants, especially your trees. In warmer areas the pest can remain active throughout the entire year. However, in colder regions they could resume their activity as soon as the weather becomes warmer – usually in the spring. Below you will find a few helpful advices on how to handle common tree pest in a convenient manner.

Scale Insects

This is the kind of insects which are likely to formulate hard as well as colored bumps on the stem of the plant. They feed by sucking out the juice of the plant. As a result they produce sticky substance which is going to create unpleasant and harmful black mold.

The way to treat them is rather tricky. You need to first identify the scale pest and then determine the most appropriate product to treat the tree with keeping in mind that you need to be careful not to harm it. The best time to treat the tree would be when the infestation starts as it is most vulnerable at that time.


This is a particularly common insect which is usually present when the weather starts to get warmer. When the tree is infested with whitefly, you could easily determine it because as you disrupt and shake the branches, there are going to be clouds of whiteflies forming instantly. The leaves are going to become more yellow than regularly and this is particularly harmful for your trees. In order to treat the infestation you would need to use systemic insecticide approach. This is going to affect the insects without harming the tree as well as other natural predators which actually hunt whitefly.


Bagworms create smaller bags which are made out of bits of twigs as well as leaves and they could measure up to 2.5 inches in length. You might want to look for dangling bags which are usually located along branches of evergreen trees. The heaviest damage that these insects can cause would usually occur on junipers, eastern red cedar as well as arborvitae.

In order to treat the infestation you might want to gather the bags as soon as you see them throughout the entire period which is predisposing. This is usually from the fall throughout mid-spring. In any case, taking proper care of your trees includes treating them with appropriate solutions in order to prevent bug infestations. Unfortunately, this is something which is capable of significantly deteriorating the health of your tree and if you fail to take the right measurements into account, you would definitely have issues.

It is best to consult an Arborist in San Jose or call in tree care services so that they can do the needful. From pest elimination to preventive maintenance, all is a part of caring about the trees on your property.