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No one wants to get rid of a source of shade. Still, there are times when it becomes necessary to remove a tree.

What are some signs that a tree should be removed?

Some disease has affected the trunk, leaves and branches. That effect has caused the diseased plant to begin dying. There are no signs of life in that large plant. In other words, it is dead. It has been damaged or destroyed by a force of nature. A listing of the most typical forces that could pose harm to trees would include mention of insects, wind and storms. It has not received a sufficient amount of water, and has started to die.

Arborist in Palo Alto knows that it needs to be protected. For instance, it could be that some heavy construction equipment should be arriving shortly. The operation of such equipment could harm any trees in the machine’s path. Hence, the tree’s removal would function as a way to guarantee its safety.

Special problems that might arise during an effort to remove a tree

• The discovery of decay within the tree’s interior section
• Trees’ possession of a bad crotch
• There are signs of a crack in the main trunk
• Concerns that a diseased tree might allow nearby trees to come down with the same illness
• Tree’s proximity to a home puts that residence in danger. A falling branch could endanger the home’s structure, or perhaps any vehicles in the driveway.
• There are so many trees on the area available to the tree-movers that a new spot cannot be located.

How to deal with any of the above problems

A homeowner that has encountered any of the above problems should contact a professional tree care service. The professionals that supervise the men and women working in such a service have encountered similar problems in the past, and know how to deal with them.

Moreover, those same arborists should have invested in a means for ensuring the proper treatment for any worker that might get hurt on-the-job. After all, each of those same workers would be expected to climb trees, an obviously risky task.

By the same token, a service supervised by certified arborists usually, provides each customer with a guarantee. So, if some family possession or some people were to get harmed during a tree’s removal, the arborists’ company would bear the responsibility of correcting or compensating for the mistake.

Furthermore, sometimes a group of neighbors or of concerned citizens hires a tree care service. That would certainly be the case if a construction crew had been scheduled to start working in the area of an old tree. In that particular case, the old tree’s removal could function as a type of protection.