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There are a number of factors involved when selecting the right trees for your property. Unfortunately, the average homeowner is unaware of most of them and the reason why they oftentimes turn to a tree care service in San Jose for help. After all, you wouldn’t try to invest your money in something without seeking the advice of a financial consultant would you? Considering that the trees you plant are an investment in your property, it makes sense that a professional tree care service could help you realize a significant return on that investment when selling your home.

It makes sense then that you would want to ensure choosing the right trees for your yard. Here are the factors that an arborist or tree care service considers:

Consider your reasons for planting trees on your property – most property owners have very valid reasons for planting trees in their yards including:

• adds beauty and color to your property
• creates a windbreak
• growing edible fruit
• provides food sources (e.g. fruit, seeds, etc.)
• serves as a habitat for wildlife
• shade for home and yard

Deciduous or evergreen – most tree care services inSan Jose will help you decide whether you should have either type. For instance, while deciduous trees drop or shed their leaves during fall or winter, evergreen trees retain them throughout the year. Here are some other factors to consider:

• Deciduous trees provide beautiful colors in fall as the leaves change color. Plant them on the east, south, and west sides of your home for added shade in summer.

• Evergreen trees help to color a winter landscape and provide a nice backdrop for ornamental grasses and perennials. Plant them on your home’s north side to create a windbreak and use them to enhance your privacy.

Discuss growing conditions with a professional – you’ll want to discuss factors such as hardiness, light, and soil with a tree care specialist in San Jose. It is important that you discuss your concerns with a tree care professional so that they can advise you best.

Measure the amount of available space you have – a good rule of thumb is to plant your trees between 10 and 15 feet from the foundation on your home. This will enable the tree to grow to its mature height and spread out as needed. If you are unable to do it all on your own, call the tree care services. They will do it properly.

Select local varieties – if you live in the Bay area you probably won’t want to choose a tree that grows in a completely different climate. Garden centers, home improvement stores, and nurseries only carry trees that are indigenous to the local area.