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Any dead tree that might stand on a given property represents a potential risk to all those that could choose to walk under that same tree’s canopy. A smart homebuyer should be aware of that fact. Hence, he or she would have reason to seek a lower price on any home in which the adjoining yard had a dead or dying tree. In other words, the value of that particular property would increase, once the dead plant/tree had been removed by a professional Tree Removal service in Palo Alto.

All of the potential threats that could enter the mind of a possible buyer:

The fact that a falling branch might injure someone: There is no way to know when any branch on a dying tree might fall to the ground.

The chances for a toppling: That would be an event during which the trunk would no longer sustain a vertical position, and the roots would come out of the ground. For any trees located dear a road, that could mean creation of a natural and embarrassing roadblock.

A more upsetting, and possibly embarrassing event would be one in which a falling trunk came in contact with a car or other piece of property. That could be the situation, if the tall but dying plant were located close to a driveway. Some families keep valuable pieces of property in their driveway, such as a boat or an RV.

Damage to power line: The thought of that possible occurrence might flash through the mind of someone that has looked at a property with a natural hazard (a dead or dying tree). That would certainly be the case if the examined property were close to any power line.

Increased risk for fire: Any plant that has lost access to an adequate amount of water has a tendency to dry out. Consequently, it could serve as fuel for a fire. Any plant from which signs of life have begun fading would burn as easily as the one that had not been watered properly.

Invitation to pests: An insect does not have to make its home in a live tree. It feels just as safe and comfortable in a dead one. Furthermore, insects like the inviting places that can develop in a dying tree’s trunk. In cases where that home for pests happens to be close to a family’s residence, the same pest could make its way into that same residential building.

Fungus or mold could spread disease to other trees: A potential buyer would not know the reason for a given tree’s death. A disease could have caused it. If that were the case, then there would be the chance that mold or fungus could spread the same disease to nearby flora/trees.