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Regardless of the season, preventative tree car is always majorly important. However, probably the most important stage is early spring pruning. Before the buds have even opened, and while your tree is still in the hibernation stage, a good and thorough pruning can work wonders for the safety, the health, and the appearance of your tree. It is about calling in the Tree Service in San Jose to get a professional job. They will ensure that the trees are cared for and trimmed as per the requirement.

No Foliage to Obstruct Vision

With the leaves yet to grow back, an arborist will be able to see all branches of your tree with ease. As a result, all branches which need removing due to lacking sturdiness or disease, are on clear display and easier to get to than later on in the year.

Less Bothered Neighbors

Since it is still rather cool outside in the early spring, less people will be out and about who could be bothered by the noise which comes with pruning. Additionally, there will also be no leaves which could be blown onto your neighbors’ properties.

Lower Risk of Disease

With less insects, fungi, and diseases around, the cuts in your tree are at a far lower risk of becoming infected or infested. And by the time growing season rolls around, all those cuts will have already healed which leaves your tree better protected for the high temperature months. This will ensure healthier trees and plants.

Speedier Recovery

Since early spring still falls into the hibernation period of your tree’s living cycle, pruning during this time leads to an increased healing speed with sturdier growth during the later parts of the year. As a result, you will have a healthier, sturdier tree than if you had pruned it later on in the year.

Better Sturdiness Assessment

Since there will be no leaves to obstruct the arborist’s vision, they will be able to better estimate the sturdiness of your tree. Through proper pruning, they can then drastically decrease chances of limb failure or severe damage during strong winds and harsh downpours. Cabling is one of the ways of stabilizing the tree if it leans.

Higher Efficiency In Regards To Finances and Time

Since all foliage will be out of the way, the arborist you will hire will have a clear view of the tree’s limbs, as well as better access. As a result, the pruning process will go by much faster. In addition, the lack of leaves will also make for a much easier clean up since there will only be the, much lighter and far less bulky, branches to discard of.