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While tree pruning is beneficial to the beauty and health of your property, most people tend to overlook one of the key facets of this practice – adding more plants to your landscape and property. Aesthetic pruning enables you to plant a broader variety of plants and shrubs as well as trees. Pruning trees in order to make them appear older and more mature is the basis of aesthetic pruning and is a service that is offered by tree pruning specialists in San Jose.Not only do they understand all aspects of tree care, but they work with all types of trees to ensure that your property is verdant and flourishing.

5 Characteristics of older Trees

There are certain characteristics that you typically see with older trees versus younger saplings. These include:

• open spaces resulting from shading out branches
• smaller annual branch growth
• thicker branches growing towards the tree’s center
• wider spreading of branches rather than upward growth
• zigzag branches as opposed to long, straight growth

Consequently, the practice of aesthetic pruning enhances one of these characteristics above – the wider spreading of branches instead of upward growth. In order to achieve this look, tree pruning services in San Jose will usually prune out those branches that are not spreading out but growing in different directions. This includes:

• branches that are growing back towards the trunk of the tree
• branches that are growing downward
• branches that are growing upwards and interfering with other branches

The process of removing that are less than desirable or ideal helps direct the tree, while resulting in a more aesthetically appealing appearance and shape.It will help you get the trees that you desire and the green cover on your property.

The Principle of Aesthetic Pruning

The primary principle or purpose of aesthetic pruning is to enable the tree to enhance the essence of the tree and have it fit, within its environmental context. If you study some of the tree varieties growing wild in nature, you’ll quickly discover that their trunks rarely grow straight. Tree pruning services in San Jose will tell you that most of them will bend and twist, while growing in order reach the light and warmth of the sun.

To illustrate this point, the next time you are out in the forest, observe how the different vegetation layers exist in harmony so that every tree and other plants are able to access the nutrients and sunlight that they require. Keeping that in mind, consider how you could duplicate this on your property. When it comes to pruning, it is important to think of the future impact, it will have on the appearance and shape of your trees.