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Now, the truth is that fall is without a doubt the perfect time for you to consider planning and implementing the new additions to your garden. The reason is quite simple – this is by far the best time of the year for you to plant and you most certainly want to be prepared when it comes.

Best season

One of the most important reasons for which this is the best season to plant trees is because cool temperatures enable the newly planted trees to establish a properly developed root system without actually being stressed by high heats of the summer. New trees require a lot of

Encourages growth

Once the temperature of the air is cooler than the soil, the growth of new roots is encouraged. This is going to result in a stronger and a properly developed root system. Furthermore, the fall is a more enjoyable time to be outside because of the lack of humidity and heat and it’s a win-win situation. The fall is also better than the spring, shattering one of the most common misconceptions. This is due to the fact that the summer heat has a tendency of coming quickly and particularly strong, thus rendering the spring not the best option for your newly planted trees.

Right trees to plant

The majority of deciduous trees can actually be planted during the fall. Furthermore, the plants which have been grown in containers will benefit even more because they already have well-developed root systems. However, if you want to get the most out of your time, here are a few tips that you can take advantage of:

·         Make sure to allow at least six weeks in order to ensure that the roots have enough time to establish a system prior to the freezing of the ground.

·         Allow at least about 8 weeks for plants which are evergreen to establish their roots. Make sure to water them regularly.

·         Emphasize on the water and make sure to water the plants at least every week for the first 3-4 weeks. After that you need to back off in order to allow the tree to begin the dormancy process. Evergreens can be watered until the ground has frozen.

·         If you’ve planted late, make sure to mulch a lot in order to keep the soil warm and prevent it from freezing for as much as you can.

·         Do not plant incredibly hardy shrubs or trees during this season but do it in the spring in order to allow them more time to establish their systems.

Do not hesitate to contact a tree care company if you have any need of help in your garden. We are capable of ensuring high end results and exercising particularly effective tree care year round. With arborists and other tree care specialists, planning and caring for new trees is a breeze.