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Will Your Homeowner’s Policy save the Day?

Imagine sitting by the fireplace enjoying its warmth while it’s storming outside. All of a sudden, part of the tree in your front yard comes crashing down. A prized family antique gets smashed, part of the roof gets ripped off the rafters, and a couple of walls get damaged. What are you supposed to do now? With any luck, your homeowner’s insurance company will handle things for you. At least they should if they’re a reliable and reputable company that’s committed to serving their clients.

Whenever a tree as fallen as a result of these weather conditions and your home has incurred significant damage, you won’t be able to address these issues without the help of a tree removal service as well as your homeowner’s coverage. Hopefully, you have a provision in your policy that will provide financial help with the removal of any trees and other storm debris. The right tree removal service will make sure that you experience the least amount of expense and stress in the process as possible.

Helpful Tips

It’s important that homeowners understand what to do whenever the experience a tree emergency. You’ll remain a lot calmer and be able to minimize the damage that occurs. Plus, it will reduce how long it takes to complete any necessary repairs. The following are 3 tips that will help your deal with the situation:

Ensure that all of your family members are unhurt – you need to make sure that your home is safe enough to remain in despite the damage that’s been done. If you have any doubts about that, trust your intuition and leave as quickly as possible.

If any of your electric lines have been damaged, contact your power company – after you have spoken with them, contact an arborist or tree removal team in Palo Alto so they can contact your insurance provider and arrange to remove any fallen trees.

Make sure that you keep any receipts that are attributed to the storm damage – if you have to relocate while repairs are being made and have trees removed from your property, your insurance company will need copies of them.

Many homeowners in San Jose have been through heavy rainstorms with high winds and seen trees fall over. High winds oftentimes occur with these storms while at other times, they may get damaged by lightning. If lightning struck your favorite Acacia or the high winds caused an oak tree to come crashing down, you need to know whether your homeowner’s policy will cover the cost of tree removal services in Palo Alto or not. If you don’t know, it’s time to look through your policy to find out if it’s covered.