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If you are faced with the necessity of removing a large tree from your property, you need to know that all tree services are not alike. Although tree removal may seem simple enough, it can be complex and dangerous. Not only are you looking at removing a large investment from your property but you need to be ensured that the company you hire knows how to fell a tree properly and safely without doing damage to the rest of your landscape, home, or buildings.

When it comes to the removal of large trees on your property, there are some important questions you need to pose to any Palo Alto tree removal company you interview.

What Are Your Professional Affiliations?

You will want to only hire professionals with affiliations that show their training and expertise. Some of these are the International Society of Arboriculture, a company accredited by the Tree Care Industry Association, or a certified Tree Care Safety Professional. Those who will be working near electrical conductors must be certified line clearance arborists.

What is Your Process?

Any tree removal company should be very clear in explaining their removal process. As a licensed and insured company, they should have years of experience and the most up to date equipment necessary for safe removal. Make sure that company can explain exactly how they fell a tree in order to protect the utility lines, landscaping, and buildings on your property. If the person representing the company doesn’t seem to know the process, consider this a red flag.

Can I See a Copy of Your License and Insurance?

As a property owner, this should be an important consideration for you. Any reputable tree service should be glad to supply you with this. If they treat you as a nuisance, look elsewhere. Let’s consider if one of their workers isn’t covered by insurance and gets injured on your property. If that worker is not properly insured, you are the one who may be held liable.

Can I Have a List of References?

This should be a no-brainer. If a company is reluctant to give you a list of satisfied customers who they have done work for over the past year, they are not a company you want to trust with your removal.

What Do You Do With the Tree After it is Felled?

How the company disposes of the tree should be important to you. Will they cut it up or mulch it for you? Have much does this cost? Do they take the tree away for you? Do they offer stump removal?

If you are looking for professional tree removal in Palo Alto or the surrounding areas, call the professionals at Bay Area Tree Specialists. We offer the most comprehensive range of tree services and our crews have the best training in the industry. Call us today for a detailed quotation.