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When the majority of people hear this particular word they would instantly associate it with snow and family holiday fun. However, what most of us fail to take into consideration is that this particular time could be quite dangerous for the trees. As the weather becomes frightfully cold and temperatures begin to drop below zero, you might want to ask yourself if your trees are safe enough to make it through the entire season. Below you are going to find a few preparation tips which would let you know how to prevent damage to your trees. After all, winter is supposed to be the season for fun with friends and family and not the one to be overly worried about your garden.

Be Aware Of Hanging Limbs And Dead Branches

The truth is that your trees might have had undergone a lot throughout the entire year. The constant stress factors building up along with heavy snowing and violent winds along with freezing temperatures, this could cause some parts of your trees to die out entirely or to be significantly damaged. The winter season could truly cause a lot of troubles on your trees and that’s why you need to be incredibly careful because any additional weight could significantly increase the risk of branches breaking off.

So, what can you do? Well, the first thing that you might want to consider is getting your property checked out by a professional on time. The majority of the professional companies are going to offer free inspections. They are going to take a look at your trees in order to determine if you have something to be worried about.

Be Careful With Trees Near Or Touching Any Power Lines

If tree branches touch nearby power lines you have to be extra vigilant. Obviously you wouldn’t want the inconvenience of having no power during the cold winter months and that’s why you want to handle this as soon as possible.

The only solution here would be for an expert to climb up and professionally trim the branches which come in contact or are close to doing so with power lines. More so, you need an expert with background in this endeavor because they need to have the proper equipment and experience in order to do this job which is potentially dangerous. Keep in mind that when it comes to power lines, prevention is almost always the best approach.

Be Aware Of Trees Near Your Home

Trees that touch your house with or without wind are always dangerous for you and for your family. Falling trees account for a lot of fatalities every single year. They also account for a lot of damage on properties. Keep in mind that while they might seem innocent enough. If the tips of the tree touch your house they are capable of causing damage as well. Prevention is once again the most effective approach. You might want to get that done prior to the winter season as heavy snowy conditions might not allow it later on.