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In the fall, it’s not uncommon to see trees that are bare or in need of pruning. It’s also common to hear tree trimming contractors say it’s time for fall pruning. While there are many reasons why you might want to have your trees trimmed during this season, here are some important things you should know about fall pruning:

What Is Fall Pruning

Fall pruning is the practice of removing dead, diseased, damaged or otherwise unhealthy wood from a tree during the dormant season. This is done to improve the health and appearance of the tree.

When is the Dormant Season?

The dormant season is the time of year when trees are not growing, and it usually lasts from November through March. This is important because pruning during this time can prevent damage to your tree. Pruning will help you keep your trees healthy and looking good all winter long.

How Tree Dormancy Works

Dormancy is a period of rest or dormancy in which an insect’s reproductive cycle stops. It can occur at any time during the year, but most commonly in the fall when temperatures are cooler and rainfall is lower. During this time, insects will lay eggs on trees that will hatch over the winter months.

Insects go dormant due to environmental factors such as temperature and rainfall – both of which play an important role in determining when they will emerge from their cocoons (eggs) as adults again!

Fall Pruning Advantages

● Less stressful on the tree.
● Less invasive.
● Less expensive.
● Less messy.
● Safer for the arborist, who has less to worry about when working with a fall pruned tree.

Dormant Tree Pruning Techniques

Dormant tree pruning is a process that involves removing dead or diseased branches from trees, usually to improve the shape of the tree. Pruning can also be done to allow sunlight to reach the canopy, reduce competition among other branches and increase overall size.

The most basic dormant pruning involves removing any part of a branch that no longer serves its function in supporting other parts of the plant structure. For example, if you see one side of your tree has become more dominant than another due to disease or poor health, then it may be worth removing this side altogether so that growth on healthy roots can continue unhindered by competing for resources with less beneficial growths (such as deadwood).

Fall Pruning Services

Fall pruning is a process done by an arborist in the dormant season, during which your tree is not actively growing and therefore has more time to recover from any damage caused by summer’s heat.

Fall pruning can be done manually or with power tools like saws, mowers and chain saws; however, it’s important that you hire an experienced professional if you plan on doing any work yourself. If you have questions about how fall trimming works or whether it’s worth hiring someone for this job, don’t hesitate to contact the arborist today.

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