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Are your trees looking good? Trees usually don’t require a whole lot of care – maybe the occasional raking through the fall and preparation for winter. However, you might also consider pruning theme very once in a while. Trimming might actually seem like something easy to carry out but don’t go so far to assume that just yet! The following is going to provide you with some great tips on how to handle it yourself.

Why you should prune

  • To remove dead branches
  • To shape up your tree
  • To reduce overgrown branches
  • To get the tree look smaller
  • Ensure proper air circulation
  • To prevent it from obstructing something

When you should prune

The truth is that the summer and the winter are the best pruning seasons because it’s just after the coldest parts of the year. Pruning in the summer is best if you aren’t a fan of cold temperatures. Cutting down the tree throughout this particular period is going to slow down the growth of the tree because it’s going to decrease the amount of leaf surface. This is great to get rid of obstructions. You should always avoid pruning in the fall because the tree wouldn’t be able to recover as well as the pruning conditions are not optimal.


You might want a small or a medium bypass lopper for pruning a smaller tree. Go ahead and hire Tree Pruning service in San Jose to use a long reach pruner for high branches. Folding saws, pruning saws and other chainsaws are appropriate for big trees. If the tree is too big, however, it is best if you rely on the services of a professional in order to prevent any injuries from happening. You don’t know much about trees but arborists do and they have the requisite knowledge to guide the professionals and ensure that trees are pruned properly.

How to prune

Before you start the process, take your time to identify the main branches as they should not be pruned. You want to make sure that you aren’t hurting the trunk of the tree. It’s important to pick up the correct cutting angle as well. The first cut should always be under the branch and half way into it in order to prevent hurting the trunk. The second one should start from the top and the last should be close to the stem on the side of the branch.

How much to prune

During a single pruning session you shouldn’t prune more than a quarter of the crown. The branches of the tree, on the other hand, should make up for about 2/3 of the height of the tree. Keep in mind that over pruning might actually hurt your tree by reducing the protection that the branches are ensuring against the elements. Your best bet would be to consult a professional tree service in San Jose in order to ensure that everything is carried out perfectly. They have the experience and tools to work efficiently.