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Now, healthy trees and proper landscaping are significant access to your property which enhances the overall curb appeal of the home and the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. Our company is far more than your regular trimming service. We are well aware that your trees are an actual considerable investment in your property and that’s why you will get helped and assisted by a certified arborist that’s going to identify the issue and administer the most appropriate solution.

Unhealthy trees – identifying the signs

In order to maintain a properly looking yard you have to keep tabs on the health of all of your trees. As soon as you manage to see certain signs of a tree that’s unhealthy or dying, you need to contact a certified arborist in order for him to carry an onsite inspection. Certain issues that may provide you with signs including:

·         Cracks, splits as well as other damage which is visible to the tree trunk or to the upper intersection between different branches. This might be caused by the weather conditions but it could also be indicative of pests or a disease.


·         A lot of tree diseases are known to cause spots, lesions or cankers right on the tree trunk. If this happens, it’s advisable that you take you contact a professional.


·         Changes in the colors or the quality of leaves on your trees are usually a sign of a certain disease when it happens out of season.

The importance of getting professional help

It’s important for you to understand that treating disease in the tree is just like treating it in a human. Effective treatment is going to depend on the accuracy of the diagnosis of the actual cause of the issue and on good and actionable knowledge of all the different options as well as solutions which are available. If you work with an ISA-certified arborist in Palo Alto, this is definitely the best option. They have received years of professional training and as such will have the necessary expertise to handle a variety of different issues. They will evaluate and diagnose the tree ailment and suggest proper treatments.

The truth is that entrusting your trees to a certified professional is capable of meaning the difference between a significant contagion which requires actual tree removal and the quick containment and the treatment of a disease which is going to save your tree’s life. This is going to save you quite a lot of additional money in the long run as dealing with a dead tree is particularly challenging and expensive. What is more, dead or diseased trees pose a significant health hazard to you and your loved ones and to your entire property, especially if they are close to it. This is something that you need to take into proper account. However, there are tree care services that extend assistance with tree removal when it becomes a liability and hazard.