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Pruning is an endeavor that’s essential for the proper development of the majority of trees and bushes. This is mainly due to the fact that it provides a wide array of beneficial properties which are going to enhance the structure of the crown and thus make the entire plant a lot healthier and sustainable. However, in order for it to work properly, you have to be very careful. After all, you are going to be cutting the tree and you must make sure that everything is exercised to perfection. It’s always best if you hire a professional to do it for you but if you’ve decided to handle it yourself, these are some of the Do’s and don’ts of the craft. There is additional help available from tree care services in San Jose as the professional understand all aspects of the tree services.

Things that you SHOULD be doing

You have to get work estimates for tree pruning which are in accordance with the American National Standards Institute. The standard in question that’s going to set out the guidelines is called ANSI 300 and it might require you to use certain tools, cutting techniques as well as particular pruning methods that you would have to follow. Furthermore, this standard is also going to lay out definitions and terms that you will have to use in your particular estimate.

It’s highly beneficial that you assess the trees after a storm. This is the period when you should determine whether pruning is even necessary. If you see no fallen branches there is absolutely no need for you to go ahead and carry out the endeavor. It’s absolutely mandatory to know that pruning could be incredibly damaging and the effects could be detrimental and long-term if you get it wrong. This should keep you from doing things for no apparent reason and be extra cautions when you need to.

The things that you SHOULD NOT be doing

Right off the bat, you have to understand that if you have no good reason to prune, you shouldn’t do so. Furthermore, you should not be pruning newly planted trees which are in their first development year. The only occasion under which you might even consider doing so would be if there are some dead or broken branches that need to be taken care of.

It’s also advisable not to use wound paint as it’s going to harm the tree and you should most certainly avoid using climbing spikes. You shouldn’t be stripping out inner foliage as well as branches as this is also quite harming.

As you can see, there are quite a few things that you might want to consider, especially when it comes to tree pruning. Getting the job done properly is essential and you must exercise it with great care if you are to achieve the desired benefits for the tree. You can contact the professionals of tree care and know how to get it all done professionally.