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Tree diseases can affect both their beauty and the beauty of the environments they are in. Read this article if you want to avoid this happening to the trees in your garden or front yard. You’ll learn about the common afflictions and diseases that trees face.

It’s easy to tell if a tree is diseased by examining its leaves for spotting or bug bites. However, not all tree diseases are as obvious. However, if you notice any of these on your trees, you know that you need to call in the arborists in Palo Alto quickly to save the trees. Here are the most common tree diseases:

Leaf rust – yes, leaves can rust and even grow fungus. If allowed to grow, it can severely and negatively affect the tree’s photosynthesis abilities. Its leaves begin to lose their pigment and turn an ugly yellow or brown shade. You can stop and/or reverse this by using fungicides. If the damage is more extensive and severe, consider pruning diseased leaves.

Mildew – if you see a white mold-like covering on a tree’s leaves, you know that it is suffering from mildew! If left untreated, it can make trees very sick and even kill them. You can reverse the damage that mildew causes trees by spraying its leaves with fungicides that are specially formulated for that purpose. This is especially true if done when the mildew is in the early stages of development.

Gall – you know that a tree suffers from this if it has unsightly knobs and other unusual growths on it. While they may come in different sizes and shapes, you’ll know a tree has gall if it has a bladder, knob, or pouch-shaped growths on it. Gall appears when insects and mites burrow into the tree to lay their eggs. While unsightly, it doesn’t harm the tree at all. Therefore, there are no ways to remedy this.

Witches Broom – if you see a tree that has branches protruding from its trunk from a single area in a broom shape, you know that it suffers from Witches’ Broom disease. Most of the time, the solution is as easy as cutting the affected area out of the tree. However, you always want to have a horticulturist examine the tree to see if it suffers from pests or major and devastating diseases.

Now you can add beauty to any environment with trees and with the information, on the common afflictions and diseases that can affect trees, and now that you know how to ‘fix’ these, you can add beauty to any environment with trees. If you need additional assistance with tree care, you may hire the services of professional Tree Service in San Jose.