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If you’ve lived on your Bay Area property for a while and have healthy trees growing on it, you’ve probably done a good job of having them cared for and maintained by a local tree care company. Furthermore, depending on how long you’ve lived there, you’ve probably been faced with the decision to either prune and trim it one more time or just have it removed. No matter where you live, homeowners have to eventually decide whether they should call a tree pruning specialist in San Jose or a tree removal service in San Jose to handle matters.

Summer and Winter Pruning

Many homeowners prune their trees during the wrong time of the year. Pruning should be done after a tree has finished its seasonal growth if you want to direct the growth or slow it down. The primary function of summertime pruning is for corrective measures such as broken or low-hanging branches. However, the best time of year to hire a tree pruning service in San Jose is during the wintertime when they’re in their dormant stage. You’ll see more vigorous growth in the spring if you’ve had them pruned in winter.

When is Tree Removal the only Option?

There may come a time when the best option is to hire a tree removal service in San Jose rather than try to save it any longer. As the homeowner, there are a few steps you can take to help determine if it’s time to remove the tree or leave it be. But one thing is certain. The following 6 warning signs will help with your decision making:

• branches in the upper crown area that appear to be dead or lifeless
• cracks in the tree trunk as well as chipped and peeling bark
• fine twigs without bud growth at the ends of the branches
• heaving soil beneath the canopy and at the trunk base
• mushrooms and other decay-producing fungi growing at the tree base
• visible, open cavities in the larger branches or trunk

The main thing you want to remember when you’re trying to decide between calling, a tree pruning specialist in San Jose or a tree removal service in San Jose is that all trees are living organisms whose time will eventually come to pass. However, when they are cared for and properly maintained, they will live for many years and provide us with some amazing benefits during their lifetimes. However, it is essential that you only work with licensed and insured services so that you are covered if there is any mishap at your property.