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Now, usually you will have to take care of tree pruning for a range of different reasons, three of which could be characterized as the most important – safety, tree aesthetics and tree health. This is an intricate process which is capable of accomplishing quite a few different goals including:

·         Removal of dead wood

·         Branch trimming as well as obscure views for driving

·         Allowing the light to get to the ground right below

·         Removing the branches which rub right against each other

·         Enhancing the overall appeal of the tree

·         Limiting the branches which grow into the utility lines

As you can see, a simple pruning process is capable of accomplishing quite a lot. However, the process needs to be carried out appropriately in order for it to have the positive effect because if you get it wrong you could damage the tree.

Principles of Pruning

A tree isn’t anything like a shrub which requires particularly regular and routine thinning. This is due to the fact that pruning is actually going to change the entire structure of the tree permanently and this is the main reason for which pruning is an intentional periodical process. When you go ahead and prune trees which are mature, you need to have a definitive purpose of doing so. Keep in minds that trees recover quicker and easier from smaller wounds than ones which are larger. This is why you want to keep pruning young and small branches instead of old and large ones. Here are a few principles that might help you out in determining whether to cut or not.

1. Make the cut if the branch is less than 2 inches in diameter.

2. If the branch is between 2 and 4 inches in diameter, you might want to think twice before going through with the cut.

3. If the branch is more than 4 inches thick in the diameter, you should have a really good reason for cutting it.

4. Never remove more than a total of 25% of the total leaf-bearing capacity of the tree.

These are just a few basic principles that you might want to take into account when you prune. Of course, there are far more advanced things that you would have to consider. In any case, pruning is a very beneficial process if you manage to carry it out properly. It’s going to ensure that the air flow within the crown of the tree is proper which is going to eliminate a lot of diseases and tree infections. Of course, it is always better if you trust the professionals with the task as they are truly going to get the job done professionally. There are plenty of tree pruning service in Palo Alto that would be happy to look after the tree heath and maintenance. You may compare the services of the tree care and pruning companies before you hire a company.