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CODIT is an acronym for this phrase: Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees. A Tree Pruning expert in Palo Alto in pruning might use that term, when offering advice on tree care.

Benefits of Pruning

It increases a tree’s longevity and helps a tree to stay healthy. When trees get pruned prior to the winter season, any existing wounds are apt to heal more efficiently.

It encourages the formation of new growth.It increases the amount of wildfire defensible space that surrounds the tree-shaded home. Homeowners in some regions of the U.S. have found it necessary to pay more attention to the existence of that particular benefit.

It controls the level of shade and sunshine within the nearby home. It increases the amount of sunshine reaching the same home, during the winter months, and the amount of shade during the summer months. Consequently, it monitors the degree to which a device within the home must be used to create energy. Sometimes the created energy might be used for cooling; at other times it might produce the energy required for firing-up a heater.

Pruning helps development of the tree’s framework; the branches get spaced apart correctly, and each branch extends outward at a suitable angle. That benefit should prove of greater significance whenever a specific homeowner has chosen to put the family’s residence on the market.

If the proper pruning technique has been used, it increases the tree’s resistance to pests and disease. Efficient healing of the pruned region should work to prevent a pest infestation.

Methods that do not represent an attempt to achieve proper pruning

Stub cuts: Each of the stub cuts created by an amateur pruner features the removal of only a part of the sawed-off branch. In other words, the method used by the pruner has aided creation of a stub.

Flush cuts: Each of those features a cut that has been made as close as possible to the tree’s trunk, or to a main branch. A pruner that has created a flush cut has managed to destroy a part of the pruned tree’s defense mechanism.

Special cuts that are made by experts in pruning, such as arborists

Heading cuts: Pruners have different goals, when using a saw in this special way.

–Sometimes a heading cut represents an attempt at using the cut area to refocus the growth on the branches; ideally, it should improve the tree’s shape.
–At other times a similar cut might be used to control the size of the pruned plant.
–A third possible reason for utilization of the special sawing method could come from a desire on the part of the pruner to increase the density, or the bushy nature of trees’ growth.