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The maintenance of a tree’s health helps to increase the value of the property on which that same tree is growing. What maintenance tasks are best placed in the hands of an arborist?

Arborists have been trained to carry out 2 types of inspections:

One of those 2 would involve inspecting for indications that some pest has made its home in one or more of the examined trees. Such an inspection would involve checking for signs of stress, such as brittle branches, decreased sap production or cracks in the trunk.

A second important inspection would be the one that aids identification of any sign of disease. Due to the ability of mold and fungus to release spores into the air, a disease in one tree could easily get transferred into others in the area.

An arborist’s training has provided that individual with the ability to carry out the removal of a dead or dying tree.

Why remove a tree before it has died completely? An arborist would recommend its removal, because it would pose a danger to both people and structures.

If a dead limb were to fall on some passerby, then the property owner would have to cover the cost of the medical bills. By the same token, a falling limb could do damage to a structure in the yard.

Arborists know how to remove any natural fire fuels, including the ones near a family’s home.

Even homes that are not located in an area that is prone to wildfires ought to have a buffer zone, an area that is free of any dry vegetation. If a neighbor’s house were to catch fire, the flames could become a source of sparks.

A home with a buffer zone would be less apt to allow a spark to set it in flames. In other words, arborists help to limit the chances that any growth might help to fuel the spark from a nearby fire.

Arborists’ eyes could spot other dangers

For instance, those eyes might make note of a stump that stands in some region of the homeowner’s yard. Arborists’ training in San Jose has alerted each of those tree care professionals to the wisdom behind removing an old stump.

The average homeowner might not know how to approach such a challenging task. Of course, an arborist possesses special skills. In addition, that professional knows how to spot a problem that could be solved through utilization of those same skills.

An arborist’s skilled hands and keen eyesight function as a team, while spying and solving problems. Frequently, the provided solutions manage to make the affected family a good deal safer, while keeping the head of the family in less of a position to worry.