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Why should a homeowner go to the trouble of removing a tree stump? It poses a safety hazard. It could become a home for pests, or it could force those using the home’s yard to avoid the tripping hazard that nature had created.

Do stumps decompose over time?

Some do, although it can take up to 20 years for the decomposition process to carry out a “vanishing act” on the remains of a tree. The decomposition process proceeds more rapidly, if the stump’s presence has served as an invitation to bugs, fungus, moss or mushrooms. Some stumps resist the natural tendency to decay. Those form shoots, in hopes of developing into an actual tree.

Challenges to an effort directed at digging out a stump

The commencement of such an effort must be ruled out, if the former tree’s trunk had taken up space near a building or other large structure. Yet Tree Stump Grinding service in San Jose know that even in an ideal location, excavation equipment should be secured, if the person in charge of the stump-removal task hopes to dig out every trace of root.

Once completed, an effort that has been aimed at digging out a felled tree’s remaining presence damages the surrounding area. Still, that would not encourage development of future problems, if the damaged area could be landscaped.

Basic facts about grinding a stump

A grinder is a tool that simplifies the task of grinding down stumps. It transforms the remains of a tree trunk into wood chips. All grinders come with a front wheel. In order for the grinding to proceed, that same wheel must be lowered onto the stump’s edge. At that point, the person operating the grinder needs to move the wheel from side to side. During the digging process, the roots at the stump’s bottom section can serve as a challenge. A grinder does not stop when it reaches the roots. It just keeps grinding.

Possible challenges to the person operating the grinder

Such challenges would arise, if the grinding took place after a stump had become a home to insects, fungi, mushrooms or moss. Those would not form wood chips, after feeling the grinder’s rotating wheel. Instead, each of them would add to the dust in the air. Some grinders got used to wearing masks quite some time ago.

A dull wheel would not function effectively. Hence, it would be necessary to arrange for the sharpening of that round, metal part. Anyone that owned a grinder would need to locate a facility that could perform such sharpening services.Anyone renting grinders should have a different concern. He or she would want to make sure that the rental agency was not handing out pieces of equipment with dull wheels.