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The trees around your Palo Alto or San Jose neighborhood are complex organisms. While many people might think that taking care of a tree is as simple as making sure it gets watered every day, the process actually requires much more work than that. One of the most common and important tree maintenance activities is pruning.

Tree pruning helps in controlling a tree’s growth. The process of snipping off some branches at certain intervals helps ensure a tree maintains good structure and appearance. Also, as a tree grows, some of its branches will die and rot. Cutting off these dead branches will protect the rest of the tree from the insects and decay-causing organisms that might have found a home on them.

Pruning Trees
When to Prune

The apt time to prune a tree depends on the kind of tree. Fruit bearing trees are generally best pruned while still young, to establish a framework and encourage the growth of strong branches that are spread well apart from each other.

In general, pruning certain trees should not be done while a disease that afflicts these trees is currently actively transmitted. Likewise, pruning should be avoided when branches are starting to leaf, as most of the trees’ energy and nutrients are used in producing the leaves. Pruning will sap the trees of the energy and nutrients they need.

Light pruning of dead branches may be done any time of the year.

It is also important to note that when pruning a tree, newly cut stumps should be properly sealed off; if left unattended, harmful agents might seep into the stump and negatively affect the tree’s health. To avoid pruning mistakes that could compromise the health of trees, it is best to employ the services of companies that are adept at tree pruning in San Jose or Palo Alto, like Bay Area Tree Specialists.

Other Benefits

Pruning is also done to ensure that any property within the tree’s vicinity is not at risk from falling and obstructing branches. For instance, branches might get snagged on power lines, causing power outages in the area. Effective pruning can help prevent accidents like this. San Jose or Palo Alto tree care professionals can be called on to perform difficult pruning jobs, particularly those involving high or heavy branches.

Just like any other living organism, trees also need proper care and handling to make sure that they grow to their full potential.

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