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Palo Alto literally means ‘tall tree’ in Spanish. As one of its longtime residents, you’ve made it your mission to keep up with the city’s name and protect the trees within your property. Then again, what if doing so has become more of a risk than a reward? Eventually, as trees grow older and develop problems, they become unsafe to be kept. If this is the case, it will be wiser to have a tree removed by a professional Palo Alto tree removal service to avoid any damage to your home and danger to your family.

Wildfires: A Real Danger in California
California is currently going through a severe drought, and the extreme heat and dryness is taking its toll on a lot of trees in the area. Therefore, firefighting agencies are preparing themselves for conditions that could cause or exacerbate brush fires.

The fall season has brought a wave of hot, dry weather to California, with parts of the state baking this weekend in triple-digit temperatures and officials expressing concern the summer-like heat could spark a massive wildfire.

The scorching temperatures came from a high pressure system in the U.S. West and the arrival in Southern California of autumn’s first Santa Ana winds, which carry hot air through mountain passes toward the coast, meteorologists said.

The heat wave has put California firefighters on high alert. State officials have placed a full force of 8,000 firefighters at the ready, as crews near full containment of two massive blazes burning in Northern California.

If you see something unusual happening to your trees or the trees near your home, don’t hesitate. Contact a professional arborist immediately so they can help you identify the necessary steps to take next.

Signs that a Tree Should Be Removed or Trimmed
There are a number of ways to tell if a tree is at risk of collapsing, losing a large branch, or causing a fire. First off, get to a place where you can see the tree in its entirety. Examine the tree carefully if it’s leaning more than usual. A leaning tree is a sign that it may be dead or dying and may soon cause extensive property damage.


Second, inspect the tree’s trunk. Cracks or cavities can indicate that the tree is dried up and no longer structurally sound. Although cavities don’t necessarily mean that a tree has to be removed, the extent of damage should be carefully examined.

Trusted Arborists
Established Palo Alto and San Jose tree service professionals like those from Bay Area Tree Specialists provide tree services that are guaranteed to be 100 percent efficient and successful. Get in touch with their representatives to find out more about what they offer.

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