Potential Hazards At Scene of Tree Cutting Operation

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Uncut branches can pose a danger, if they fall to the ground or start touching power lines. On the other hand, even a well-planned tree-cutting effort exposes the participants to potential hazards.

The most obvious hazards:

• Someone might get hit by a falling object. That falling object is usually a tree branch; however, it could be a tool that has fallen from the hand of a tree-cutter.
• Someone falls off of a ladder, which is being used to permit access to very high branches.
• Someone falls out of a tree, while engaged in trimming the branches.

Possible hazards that should not be ignored:

One of the tree-cutters comes in contact with a power line and gets electrocuted. By hiring a team of experience tree-cutters, a homeowner should succeed in avoiding the feelings of guilt that are apt to enter his or her mind, following exposure to such an event.

A tree-cutter might need to use a piece of large equipment, such as a lifter. That can help any of the professional cutters to improve upon the ladder’s ability to lift a human body. On the other hand, it can also introduce the presence of a potential hazard. The person riding in such a lift might get pinned against a tree.

The presence of a chainsaw or hacksaw qualifies as a potential hazard. Those tools’ sharp edges could cut a tree-cutter’s skin. A more terrible chain of events would get carried out, if that sharp edge cut into both bone and muscle. Then the affected tree-cutter might lose a finger.

Three different eye problems could develop, if any one of the working tree-cutters failed to wear some sort of eye protection. In that case, sawdust or wood chips might fall into the tree-cutter’s eyes. The affected eyes could develop an abrasion, a cut or a scratch.

Depending on the nature of a wood-cutter’s contact with a tree’s bark, that Tree Trimming professional in San Jose might get forced to deal with splinters. That possibility becomes a reality if a professional has forgotten to wear gloves, or has exposed the skin in an uncovered area of his body.

Some insects build their homes in trees. There is always a chance that the some previously unseen insects attacked the helpless tree-cutter. The stings or bites would certainly be painful. Depending on the nature of the tree-cutter’s allergies, those same bites or stings might prove deadly.

Poisonous plants do not always remain on the ground. Some grow like vines. Some can travel up a tree’s trunk. In other words, anyone that must climb into a tree needs to watch for the presence of poisonous plants. Undetected poisonous plants could cause formation of an itchy patch of skin.

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