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Now, while trees are definitely incredibly advantageous and a great way to improve your landscape, the truth is that they could also be quite the menace, especially during hurricane season. Being susceptible to severe winds makes them potentially dangerous, especially if they are large enough and planted near your house. This is why it’s important to take a few steps into serious consideration in order to ensure that the trees won’t cause threats to you, your family and your property in the events of a serious storm. Calling in Tree Service in San Jose helps.

Selection of trees

You might want to consider the fact that the careful selection of the tree itself is likely to be the best protection that you can undertake against hurricanes and storms. If you live at a location in which hurricanes and storms are a common event, you should keep this into consideration when you choose the kind of trees that you intend to plant your garden with. You should select trees which are wind resistant. A helpful tip here would be for you to select species which have straight roots instead of circling ones. At the same time you need to keep in mind that the trunk is essential so choose kinds which have a dominant one. It’s also beneficial if you pick up trees which formulate crowns with branches which are growing in a distance between each other. This would decrease the resistance that the tree has against the wind and, therefore, decrease the overall chance of falling.

Location of planting

You should also consider the locations at which you plant your tree. The most common danger associated with hurricanes and storms is if the tree breaks off and falls over your house or other premise. This is going to cause severe damage to your property and pose a potential health hazard to you and your entire family. That’s why you might want to plant the trees away from any structures and ensure that even if it does fall or break, it won’t happen over a structure inhabited with people.

The last thing that you might consider doing in order to prevent potential dangers caused by hurricanes and storms is the overall maintenance of the tree. If you keep your tree properly pruned and trimmed the crown isn’t going to cause a huge resistance to wind, thus decreasing the amount of pressure applied to the trunk. This would reduce the chance of potential break-downs or fall-offs.

In any case, it’s important to outline just how crucial proper maintenance is. There is no universal trick that you can take up in order to eliminate the potential threat of falls. You have to take overall good care of your trees in order to prevent any further complications. Call in a good company that has a team of quality tree care specialists to look after all aspects of the vegetation. They can help with the right suggestions and can look after all aspects of tree care.