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Spring is the best time to prune trees in order to prepare them for the next season of bloom. Pruning during the spring, before everything is blooming, will be a proactive move as a tree owner. This first step of tree maintenance can help in maintaining the overall health and appearance of the tree, not to mention the safety of those who will under or near it.

Better Visibility

Why should homeowner prune in the spring? Before the branches become full of life, an arborist can view the structure of the branches in order to determine how healthy the tree is. Being without any type of sprouts or bloom can make it easier for these professionals to diagnose and maybe treat any issues they may see developing.

Less Intrusive

During the spring season, the weather is warm but not a consistent warm temperature so the arborists will not be disturbing the landscape that surrounds the tree. This makes it less invasive and reduces the impact the tree exam may have to the property.

Disease Control

It is during the most active time of the year that diseases can spread within the tree, if they are allowed to grow. Diseases can come in the form of a fungi or an insect that borrows its way into the structure of the tree, doing internal damage. Controlling these pests is important as the tree health is at stake.

Faster Healing Process

When a tree is pruned, this process leaves the tree vulnerable and wounded however it is during this time that the tree is not focused on growing so it has time to heal and bounce back before the new season begins. Allow professional tree care service to help you with the key aspects of tree care.

All-Weather Protection

When the foliage is not on the branches, arborists in San Jose can get a better view of the structure, looking for the trees ability to weather a storm. If there are branches that may appear weak, the arborists can use this critical time to remove those branches. This will ultimately strengthen the tree in the future.

Save Time and Money

Bare tree branches are lighter in weight and easier to trim, they are not bogged down with heavy foliage. This makes them easier to maintain and makes it easier to clean up and handle the debris trimmed from the tree. This makes it easier for homeowners to trim the trees and remove the debris but if they are not free, investing in a tree removal company is important as this is an additional cost that homeowner may be able to invest.