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A tree could die of old age, or following a lightning strike. A tree’s death might also be due to the effects of an infectious agent.

Problems caused by dead tree

That lifeless bit of nature attracts pests

—It appeals to wood boring insects, such as termites and certain ants.
—It could become a nesting site for rats.
—If the lifeless object were close to a family’s dwelling, a group of pests might discover the comforts enjoyed by those pests that have chosen to live in or under that same dwelling.

Tree Removal service in San Jose knows that there is no guarantee that it will not fall down. It could topple over onto a section of a home or yard. There is always the chance that it might fall on a person.

If the homeowner that had planted the tree was sharing a driveway with neighbors, it’s toppling might cause damage to a neighbor’s vehicle. Alternately, if the same homeowner had invested in a fence, the toppling could damage both the fence and some portion of the neighbor’s yard.

Any of the above scenarios could result in placement of liable charges, against the tree’s owner.
Detracts from appearance of any lot where it used to provide shade

—Reduces value of that same piece of land.
—If there is a home on the same land, it lowers the home’s value, due to the loss of the home’s curb appeal.

Blight-killed trees remain contagious. If covered by mold or mildew, any one of them could spread the contagion to other trees or plants. Realize, too, that mold or mildew could start growing on a toppled/dead object of nature.

Suggested method for dealing with that source of problems

Contact an arborist and arrange for the dead tree’s removal

Make arrangements for removal of the stump, as well.

Work with the arborist, in order to have some input, regarding the method used for removing any stump. Some arborists’ method of choice calls for utilization of p grinding; some prefer a method that entails digging out the unwanted object; a few of them rely on chemical methods.

You might want to avoid the introduction of strong chemicals, especially if you have pets. If you choose to allow pursuit of one of the other methods, give some thought to how you might make use of the area with the deep hole, or with the remains from the grinding.

Alternative approach: Pray that lightning strikes a tree on the curb in front of your home. When city workers come to cut down the target of the lightning, speak with one of them about your tree-related problem. Understand that this alternative approach does not guarantee the removal of any stump.