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A homeowner might see a tree stump as nothing more than an unattractive addition to the home’s yard. When viewed in that light, the same stump does not seem deserving of the huge investment required, in order to remove it. Still, numerous problems can be solved by the removal of a single tree stump by a professional Tree stump removal service in San Jose.

Any stump represents a potential hazard.

It could pose a danger to children playing in the yard. Children do not pay close attention to the objects around them, when they are playing. Even if the game calls for utilization of such objects, children do not give much thought to how anyone object should be used.

For instance, young children have been known to lock themselves inside of a cabinet or an appliance, during a game of hide-and-seek. A stump might get chosen as a base, during a game of hide and seek. Then people would run up to it, and possibly into it.

Your children might play with friends or neighbors. If one of your son’s or daughter’s friends got injured, you, the homeowner would be held responsible.

If the stump were to get hit by the lawnmower, that same machine could become damaged. In other words, the stump can force a homeowner to pay for unexpected repairs.

The stump takes up wasted space.

Because it is a hazard, people tend to keep away from it. Consequently, no activities can be planned in the space close to the hazard/stump. A homeowner might be able to name other uses for that same space.

Perhaps it could be the location for a child’s slide or swing. Perhaps it could be used to start a garden. That would not have to be a flower garden. It could be a herb garden, or a small vegetable garden.

Stumps attract bugs and pests.

Termites might make their home in that structure. Beetles and ants also like to live in stumps. A homeowner cannot assume that any such pest will stay in the stump. That colony of pests is sure to travel in the direction of the family’s home.

Wasps or bees might build their homes in a nest. Then those stinging insects fill the air in the yard. Consequently, on one wants to use the yard. In other words, the mere thought of bugs and pests manages to reinforce the prior warning, regarding the stump’s ability to take up wasted space.

Tiny trees might sprout near the stump’s base.

How could those be harmful? Each of them has roots reaching into the soil. Each of them is using those roots to search for nutrients. The other plants in the yard could grow stronger by using those same nutrients.