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As a homeowner, you’re probably aware of the beauty and value that your trees have added to your property. Furthermore, you probably know that keeping them healthy and well-cared for is also important. While there is a lot of DIY’ers out there who prefer to save money by pruning and trimming their trees, this is not advisable. Local Tree Care specialists and arborists in San Jose have the experience, expertise, tools, and equipment to do the job properly. Here are 6 benefits of having this done professionally:

It benefits the overall health of the tree – regular pruning and trimming helps to improve the aesthetics and structure of the tree while at the same time keeping it in good overall health. Additionally, if it’s a flower-bearing or fruit-bearing tree, it will help bolster its production.

It improves air circulation and increases sun exposure – pruning and trimming your trees not only enhances the health and looks of the tree, it improves air circulation and increases sun exposure throughout the tree and the ground areas surrounding it. It also helps to increase your Vitamin D intake.

It increases the value of your property – in today’s real estate market, curb appeal plays a very important role in property valuation. Good looking, healthy trees are a desirable feature among prospective home buyers who are looking for a property that’s been well taken care of.

It reduces the threat of disease and insect infestation – regularly scheduled pruning and trimming helps reduce insect-borne diseases and leaf diseases. Over time, these issues will kill a tree if they’re left unchecked. As with other tree care and maintenance issues, this should be handled by an arborist or tree care specialist.

It’s a safety issue – the last thing any homeowner needs is to get sued by a friend or neighbor because they were injured by a falling limb while standing in the shade of one of the trees on your property. Removing suspect branches and limbs is one of the more important aspects of proper tree care and maintenance so that your home and loved ones are safe and not exposed to any potential danger.

You can compost and mulch the leaves – every fall when the leaves drop off your trees, you should be composting them for future garden and yard use. As the leaves break down, they combine with other material in your compost pile and create additional nutrients for the soil around plants and trees.