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Arborists play a valuable role in the early detection of tree health problems. In an article for, forestry expert Steve Nix discusses the importance of thorough inspection when it comes to identifying tree hazards.

“Trees are remarkable in their ability to self repair when subjected to trauma. But even with the amazing ability to compartmentalize and seal-off injury, trees will eventually fail, die and fall. They are unable to escape from their environment and thus cannot avoid the dangers and threats from forces of nature and human related pressures.

Tree ownership brings with it the responsibility to manage each tree to minimize risks associated with environmental hazards and aging. Following these three simple rules will make for safer trees; (1) systematic inspection, (2) treating problems quickly, (3) removing a tree when it’s risk outweighs its value.”

Tree care practices like pruning (which entails selective tree part removal of tree parts) and trimming (which is more design-driven) are best left in the hands of trained professionals. Otherwise, you might inadvertently injure your trees and leave them at the mercy of rot and insects. For smart property owners, expert tree care in Palo Alto therefore makes a lot of sense.


Aside from addressing aesthetic concerns, pruning and trimming also promote good tree health. By cutting off deadwood selectively, it is possible to maintain and reinforce plant structure. Proper tree care also enables healthy branches, fruits, and flowers to grow unimpeded.

If the recommended trimming and pruning guidelines are not followed, a tree may soon be vulnerable to pests, pathogens, and spores that bring disease and decay. For instance, oak trees that are not trimmed properly are liable to develop bleeding saps that attract beetles, which transmit the Oak Wilt disease. Oaks may also harbor a pathogen that causes Sudden Oak Death.

The least that could happen is for a tree to weaken and die. Weak tree limbs suspended above property, power lines, and traffic are accidents waiting to happen. Some homeowners have also had the unfortunate experience to be injured while attempting to prune their trees.

Professional tree care specialists and arborists handle tree care in a responsible manner and in so doing help prevent the hazards associated with having a tree around. When it comes to tree pruning in San Jose, arborists like Bay Area Tree Specialists start with a careful inspection, formulate a detailed plan, then proceed to actual pruning and trimming with precision and extreme care.

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