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A smart homeowner would not tackle a pumping problem on his own. He would contact a plumber. By the same token, smart homeowners should not try dealing on their own with a tree problem, Instead those same homeowners ought to plan on calling a certified arborist.

An arborist is a highly trained tree professional. That professional has been trained in preparing for the planting of trees, and for operations that arrange for the trees’ care.

Source of an arborist’s certificate

• That comes from the International Society of Arboriculture
• The Society awards certificates to those that have completed 3 years of training.
• The arborist’s training commences after he/she has completed a rigorous exam.

Times when presence of certified arborist could prove especially useful.

• Homeowner faced with the need to remove a tree
• Homeowner has given thought to pruning certain trees.
• Due to the effects of a storm, a homeowner might need to plan to delivery of emergency tree care.
• Some homeowners seek help with planting trees.

An arborists’ view could provide guidance on the diagnosis of a tree’s disease. Homeowners that rely on the assistance of arborists should manage to keep their property in shape, while preventing development of future damage.

The possession of an arborist’s mindset can help both home sellers and homebuyers.

As stated above, a home’s curb appeal increases, when it sits on a piece of property that contains some lovely trees. Someone that has formed an arborist’s mindset has the best chance of creating such a property.

So, how does possession of such mindset help a homebuyer, especially one that would profess to be a tree-lover? A tree-lover would probably search for a property where lots of leafy branches were in the ideal spot, in relation to the home that was for sale.

Does it pay to spend money on such a feature? That would be a good question to pose to an arborist. The answer would probably be “yes.”

If the ideal lot were too expensive for a given homebuyer, then that same buyer might search for a property with a few trees, but one with the potential for creation of an ideal site. That would be the likely action of a tree-lover.

Still, that lover of trees would almost certainly spend money on adding at least another tree or two to the ones already on the property. As a result, the new homeowner might end up spending as much money as he or she would have spent on what had been viewed as a too expensive property. Thus, seek the advice of an Arborist in Palo Alto before you plant trees.