While the trees on your property enhance its overall appearance, there are a number of reasons to consider having them removed from your commercial or residential property.  For instance:


·         It may be in the way of landscaping or new construction

·         It may have been damaged in an earthquake or storm

·         It’s been destroyed by carpenter bees or some other types of insects

·         It’s crowding other plants, shrubs, and trees on your property

·         It’s grown too large for your front or back yard

·         It’s too close to a deck, pool, roof, or utility lines

·         Its health is declining or it died

·         Its overhanging branches are a nuisance and are dropping leaves, nuts, and seeds on your landscaping

·         Its roots are damaging your home’s foundation or garage


You could probably come up with more reasons to add to the above list, but those are the main reasons that you would consider having trees removed from your property.


In the process of making your decision, you may want to consider calling a tree stump removal specialist in Palo Alto as well.  However, if you’re having a difficult time deciding what to do with the remaining stump(s), consider the following:


Stumps are annoying obstacles – any tree stumps that aren’t removed are potential obstacles that will be difficult to maneuver around when you’re mowing and weeding your front or back yards.


Stumps are unsightly – from an aesthetics perspective, tree stumps are by no means attractive.  This is especially true for individuals who are extremely meticulous about their landscaping and yards.  This is one of the best reasons to contact a tree stump removal specialist.


Stumps attract numerous insects – it takes a long time for a stump to decay and rot away.  While it’s in the process of decaying, ants, beetles, termites, and other insects that burrow into wood could take up residence in the stump and eventually find a way into your home.


Stumps can be hazardous – if you have children who enjoy running and playing outside, they can easily trip over a tree stump and sustain injuries when they fall.  Even worse is that you could be subject to a liability suit if a friend or neighbor trips over it.


Stumps cause new trees to grow – then failure to remove a tree stump could result in the growth of new sprouts which could eventually become a problem.  It’s also unsightly where your landscaping is concerned.  A tree stump removal specialist can alleviate this problem.


Stumps rob you of precious space – if your yard isn’t very large, a tree stump and its roots will occupy valuable space that you really can’t afford to lose.  Why waste that space when it could easily be a garden space or a spot for a picnic table.