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A dead tree qualifies as a hazardous risk. For that reason, a smart homeowner should plan to the removal of any such risk by hiring the services of Tree Removal company in Palo Alto.

A dead tree could fall over at any time.

It could topple onto someone that happens to be walking in the vicinity of that natural threat. A store owner is supposed to cordon off any wet flooring. Yet there is no rule that requires a homeowner to cordon off the area around a dead tree. Instead, the homeowner must deal with the consequences, if someone happens to get injured, when that same dead tree’s roots cease to hold it in an upright position.

It could topple onto a roadway of a driveway. It could topple onto any vehicle on that same roadway or driveway.

It could fall onto a neighbor’s property. That would create a clumsy situation. The neighbor would want the fallen tree removed, but the tree’s owner should foot the bill.

After falling over, it might land on a utility line. That would create another clumsy situation. The government could arrange for the tree’s removal, but it would certainly send a bill to the owner of the removed object.

In certain parts of the United States, a dead tree would qualify as a fire risk.

In places where wildfires are known to develop, all homeowners are asked to clear away any potential fuel. A fire could use a dead tree as fuel, which would bring it closer to the dwelling in which a tree-loving family has taken residence.

Certain pests could choose to live inside of a deadened trunk.

The homeowner would be unable to control the nature of the pest that might take up residence in such a trunk. It could be a group of termites. Those same termites could then migrate to the nearby home.

By the same token, it could be insects such as bees or hornets. In that case, the presence of such insects would limit that amount of activity that could take place in the yard.

When trees’ lives have come to an end, their contents could still be used to nourish a disease-carrying organism.

That same organism could migrate from the deadened trunk to other flora in the area. In other words, dead trees have the ability to act as spreaders of disease.

All homeowners should think ahead to the day when the home might be put up for sale.

At that point in time, the presence of a dead tree would decrease the value of the property that will be going on the market. No sensible man or woman would agree to pay good money for a property with a dead tree.