Tree pruning and trimming looks easy but there are plenty of risks, and that is why it is important to call on the tree care professionals. It is a fact that most homeowners try to save as much as possible by doing it all on their own, but tree trimming and pruning requires specific tools, knowledge and experience. There are plenty of accidents witnessed by the tree care specialists where homeowners have got injured or even killed due to attempting to work with chainsaws and other tools that they have no clue about. Thus, tree care services in San Jose ask homeowners to consider these reasons for hiring the professionals, instead of taking risks.


Knowledge and skills

To have the license and certifications to become an arborist, it takes years. You need knowledge to remove a large tree safely and unknown to most people, felling a tree is not just about using a chainsaw. You need to consider the drop zone, make the right cut at the right place and judge the distance for the tree to come down safely. Usually, accidents occur when the tree doesn’t fall as planned and damages property or injures people.
Another key aspect that has to be considered is the root ball or root plate that is left. If the tree is cut from the root plate, it starts to release tension even though there maybe ropes holding it in place. However, the release is strong and oftentimes, the root ball and the stump goes back into the hole. This traps anyone and anything that might be laying underneath it.

The role of the arborist encompasses recognizingsigns of pests and fungi, dead and decaying trunk and limbs of trees which the homeowner might be unaware of. It is best to get hire the services of an arborist in Palo Alto to detect the signs and prevent further infestation.

Usage of tools

As a homeowner, you might have a chainsaw but are you trained on how to use it safely? It is seen that most of the homeowners use a dull saw and put too much pressure on it while cutting. This makes them lose control and the ‘kickback’ from the chainsaw can cause grievous injuries. You might have the safety goggles, gloves and pruner with you but are you ready for cutting a tree? To remove a tree, you need stump grinders, aerial lifts and wood chippers and these are necessary machinery. Doing a half-job does not help. And you might even get injured, if you try doing it on your own. Additionally, if there are power lines near the trees, the risk of electrocution is high. These are just a couple of reasons that you need to relax and let the tree care professional handle the job.