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Trees are a great addition to any property. They provide shade and they improve your home’s curb appeal; however, a lot of people expect trees to take care of themselves like they do in nature and just water them every now and then. Unfortunately, a tree on your lawn is going to need more help, especially if you want it to look its best. Here’s a few tips on tree care for San Jose residents.

First, water the tree properly. Leaving it to a sprinkler system is not going to cut it since trees need a considerable amount. The correct way of making sure a tree gets the water it needs is to soak the ground around the tree. If it’s a newly planted tree, the roots haven’t developed yet so the soaking should be done near the trunk. For more developed trees, you’ll have to spread the water out more around the tree’s canopy.


Second, judicious trimming is necessary. This helps control the growth of the tree and is often needed when a tree’s branches pose a danger to property and people. As an example, Noel Shankel’s article for mentions how California law sometimes requires utility companies to trim trees:

Under California law, utility companies are required to trim any portion of a tree that hangs near a power line. The purpose of this law is to prevent the tree from knocking into the power line and causing a power outage. Trees that rest next to power lines also run the risk of catching on fire. Lastly, those who climb trees located next to power lines may inadvertently injure themselves if they come in contact with the power line.

You can trim a tree yourself, but it is better to leave tree trimming in Palo Alto, San Jose, and nearby areas to professionals from companies like Bay Area Tree Specialists who knows exactly what they’re doing and can ensure all safety measures are taken.

Finally, place mulch around your tree. Unlike fertilizers that are specifically made to promote growth, mulch is usually just any material that is placed above the soil to improve its quality. Mulching the soil around a tree conserves moisture, improves the health of the soil, and reduces weed growth. Some types of mulch can even be applied to make the area surrounding the tree aesthetically pleasing.

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