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If your business establishment or home looks like it’s growing its own secret garden or miniature forest, then that’s a clear sign you need to hire the kind of commercial tree service San Jose residents can trust. You certainly don’t want the area surrounding your place of business, for example, to turn into a wilderness. Fortunately, you can count on arborists like Richard Smith of Bay Area Tree Specialists to carry out the necessary measures.

But what exactly do arborists do? Upon arrival, he and rest of his team will conduct an inspection of your property. Once they’ve identified the problem areas in the property, they can start working on them.

Dangerous Work
San Jose residents often hire arborists for help in removing tree limbs that could cause property damage in the event that they fall. A falling tree limb could actually punch a giant hole in your roof. So it’s either tree trimming or an expensive roof replacement; it’s your call.

Grunt Work
Grunt work services are those that require a lot of labor, but not much skill or expertise. These services usually include brush chipping, stump grinding, or tree removal. San Jose tree removal services, like those provided by Bay Area Tree Specialists, would entail felling a tree and using a grinder to get rid of the remaining stump.

Tree Pruning
Arborists aren’t limited to strenuous labor, though. To be a truly successful arborist, one needs to be an artist and a scientist. This is most evident when an arborist starts pruning the trees on your property. The best way to find a good arborist skilled in pruning is to visit other properties where pruning work has been done. In this sense, to see really is to believe.

Tree Care
Tree care services are long-term in nature. These entail regular maintenance of the trees on your property to ensure they live long and healthy lives free from harmful insects and parasites that could denude or destroy them. This is why it is important to find arborists who love and respect trees in the same way that doctors regard their patients.

If you’re still carrying out tree removal and pruning activities on your own without any success, then perhaps it’s time to consider the kind of professional tree service San Jose residents need. Ask yourself: Do you really want to live or work on a property where it seems like Big Foot might walk out of the miniature forest at any time?