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Tree pruning is an important aspect of proper tree service in San Jose. Trees are trimmed for a variety of reasons, but in urban areas like San Jose, this process is often undertaken as a safety measure. Dead or damaged branches are at constant risk of falling from the tree, thereby endangering lives and property as well as threatening the integrity of power and telecommunications lines.

Selective pruning can also help improve a tree’s growth. Clustered branches can be reduced so that smaller, undesirable branches do not retard the growth of larger, more desirable branches. Branches are also removed to keep them from rubbing against each other, which strips their bark and makes them vulnerable to disease and insect infestation.

Whenever experienced arborists prune a tree, it can sometimes seem like they’re simply picking buds and branches to trim at random. However, when done incorrectly, pruning can cause enough damage to kill a tree and warrant a call to a San Jose tree removal company.


How Much to Prune
Excessive pruning is a common mistake that can seriously jeopardize the health of a tree. To avoid this, remember that trees can deal with many smaller wounds better than they can with one very large wound. It follows, then, that younger trees can better deal with heavier pruning than older trees because they have smaller branches. This underscores the importance of trimming trees while they are young.

The Right Time to Prune a Tree
Trees respond differently to pruning at different times of the year. According to a Better Homes and Gardens article, most trees are best trimmed during the fall, when the lack of leaves makes it easier to see the structure and pick the right branches to trim. Conifers are best pruned in the late fall or winter, while some fruit trees like plums are best trimmed in early spring. When in doubt, you can ask an experienced arborist about the best time to trim a particular tree.

Dead and damaged branches can be removed at any time of the year; however, the best time to do this is in the summer. With foliage covering most of the tree in the summer, dead and damaged branches stick out because they are either completely devoid of leaves or have leaves that are wilting or wilted.

For Best Results, Call a Professional
Pruning a tree is something that almost anyone can master in time, however, time is a luxury that not too many people have. If you are unsure about any aspect of the tree pruning process, you might want to call in professionals like Bay Area Tree Specialists.

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