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Planting and growing a garden in your very own backyard is one of life’s simple joys – you create a home surrounded by nature, and get to breathe fresher air every day. With efficient San Jose tree service, you can take this one step further by giving your plants the proper maintenance that they need. Here are some tips for the upkeep of your plants and trees.


Know your Place
Different varieties of trees can grow at varying rates depending primarily on location. Understand how the seasons work in your community and find out which trees could thrive there in the first place. The average length of winter and summer, as well as the frequency of extreme weather conditions play an important part in the care and health of your tree.

Allot Space
If you’re planting a mature tree, you should be able to figure out how much space your tree needs, but if you’re transplanting a seedling or at least a tree that hasn’t fully-grown yet, anticipating the need for space is key. Take note that this consideration isn’t just limited to ground space; consider altitude as well and make sure that your tree won’t eventually hit a gutter or power line.

Think Resistance
Country Women Magazine advises that you should see to it that the tree you’re choosing is immune or highly resistant to any possible infection or disease common in your area:

“Disease or insect infestations can defoliate, weaken or kill trees—think of Dutch elm disease and the emerald ash borer. Look for newer tree varieties developed for disease and insect resistance. Or choose a tree that’s similar to the species you wanted but less susceptible to problems. Next, learn more about specific species.”

Look Beyond Seasonal
Sure, your dogwoods and maples might make for a perfect scenery in autumn, or your holly could be the last bit of green standing amidst the winter’s white, but are you sure that you’d want to have these trees around for the rest of the year? There’s nothing wrong with planting seasonal trees – just make sure that you won’t end up neglecting them when they aren’t in season.

Companies like Bay Area Tree Specialists should be able to help you in your gardening needs, be it pruning or tree removal in Palo Alto or San Jose. Never forget the maintenance needs of your trees – this should be the most efficient way to aid in their growth and continued health.

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