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Trees are one of the many natural and organic things that design the world. A tree symbolizes life and beauty, even identical to human life. However, like all other living things, trees die and the once majestic towering wood falls back to the ground that used to nourish it. Then again, old age and disease may not mean the end for trees—not when it’s possible to reuse its sturdy wood. The reported a story of honoring the longevity and preserving the memories of a dying California Pepper Tree:

In honor of the tree’s longevity and its contribution to adding to the community’s “garden groves,” the City has arranged for any useable wood from the dead tree to be delivered to a local artisan. The artisan will use the wood to create hand-made walking canes for veterans, a wooden crucifix for a local church, and other wood-crafted pieces.

“Nature is truly a gift, and we’re happy to know that this tree will continue giving something special to our community for many more generations to come,” says Garden Grove Public Works Director William Murray.

The death of the Pepper Tree above wasn’t in vain as it now aids mobility-impaired veterans and continues to beautify the community. How do trees die though? revealed that dying trees are often caused by insects that decide to occupy a tree that is being dried up during summer. The lesser the moisture, the more insects infest the tree. It’s also called “insect invasion”, and as the number of pests increase, the tree becomes overwhelmed and eventually dies.


Over time, dead and even sick trees become frailer and they can topple onto the ground without warning. As much as a homeowner, or a community wants to keep it, a dead or dying tree can’t stand on its own for long—not to mention that it may do more harm than good. This is when professional services for tree removal in San Jose or any other city in California becomes necessary.

Given that proper tree removal calls for specialized equipment and skill, it’s a no-brainer that only certified arborists from established companies like the Bay Area Tree Specialists can get the job done right. Improper removal may cause the tree to fall in the wrong direction or at the wrong time, thereby resulting in severe damage to infrastructure, or worse, end up hurting people within the immediate vicinity. Unless you’re willing to take such serious risks, it’s best that you depend on professional tree service in San Jose and other areas.

(Source: Dying California Pepper Tree to be turned into woodcrafts, Orange County Breeze, July 18, 2014)