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Although many individuals encountered an arborist during emergency circumstances, there are a number of reasons for homeowners to consider hiring one. For example, if a tree on your property has become unstable after a severe storm or was blown over by strong winds, arborist services in San Jose handle the task of removing them. Granted, emergency tree care is one of the services that an arborist provides. However, there are a number of other tasks that they specialize in.

One of the primary aspects of their job descriptions is preventative tree maintenance. It is the best way to care for your trees and ensure that they enjoy a long and healthy life. The following are just 4 of the many reasons to consider hiring an arborist to care for the trees on your property:

Consulting and planning – whenever you consider adding to your current landscape or starting one from the beginning, you want to create a foundation that is conducive to the survival of the trees you plant. An arborist service in San Jose can find the best spots for trees on your property and help you select the best varieties to plant there. By consulting with you ahead of time, you’ll avoid any future complications.

Deep root fertilization – this is one of many services that many arborists offer. This proven practice involves the injection of nutrients into a trees’ root system on a regularly scheduled basis and encourages:

• enhanced tree health
• healthier root growth
• improved resistance to diseases and infestations
• proper soil aeration

Pruning – pruning isn’t just about enhancing the appearance of trees. It’s also about improving light penetration and air circulation in order to keep trees healthy and strong. Trees experience a tremendous amount of wear and tear over the course of their lives. Consequently, they require the type of care and maintenance that only an arborist service in San Jose can provide.

Tree removal – whether it becomes necessary to remove a tree because of dangerous overgrowth, disease, or storm damage, tree pruning is an extremely complex practice that is best left in the hands of professionals. Unlike the average DIY, arborists possess the specialized equipment and tools required to perform the task properly. Furthermore, there are numerous unpredictable risks involved which is why it’s a huge liability for the average homeowner.

Although your trees may look sturdy to you, they are extremely fragile and deserve the proper care and maintenance than only an arborist service in San Jose can provide. That is one of the major reasons to call on the tree care services and let them help you out at this crucial junction.