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In Bay Area cities and the many densely populated areas around it, winter storms can severely damage and cause a great deal of stress to trees situated on both commercial and residential properties.  A downed tree or one that has snapped and fallen should be removed as soon as possible since this poses a hazardous threat to individuals on or passing through that property.  But what if the damage to any of the trees on your home or office property doesn’t appear to be that significant? Should you call a tree removal specialist to address the issue?


Damage Assessment


In order to determine if a tree can be saved or should be removed, the first step is to assess the extent of the damage to it.  Damage to a tree usually ranges from minor or slight to extreme or severe.  The following will help in the decision-making process:


·         Extreme or severe damage – heavy rains, lightning, and strong winds can result in bark being removed, large broken branches, splintering or splitting of the trunk, and split crotches.  When the damage to a tree is this severe, you should determine if it is still in good enough condition and safe enough to keep.  A tree removal specialist in San Jose will be able to determine what to do.


·         Minor or slight damage – damage is limited to the smallest branches of the tree; there is little if any long-term or permanent damage.  You can clean-up most of the broken branches and twigs yourself.  However, you should contact an arborist or tree care specialist about cleaning the crown and restoring its shape.


In most cases, arborists and tree care experts will make an effort and take the time necessary to save a storm-damaged if it will still be attractive, healthy, and add value to your property once it has been cared for.


Additional Factors to Consider


If the wood of a tree has become brittle or if it will be vulnerable to damage from storms in the future because its structure has been compromised, an arborist or tree removal specialist will recommend removing it.  Here are some other factors that will be considered in order to determine whether or not a tree should be removed or saved:


·         Does the tree serve as some type of living monument?

·         Does the tree still add value to the property?

·         Is it a mature tree or is it over-matured?

·         Is the species prone to diseases and pests?

·         What was the tree’s overall health like prior to the storm damage?


If an arborist or tree care specialist determines that the damage is too extensive, they will most likely recommend calling a tree removal service as soon as possible.  If it dies and hasn’t been removed that could spell trouble. It can become a host to breeding inspects and pests as it decays, apart from it being a looming danger of crashing on passersby or your roof.